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SAP Business One Support Services

Our Experience

Starting with the requirements definition to select new software, we evaluated several accounting and business management packages to implement for a medium-sized agricultural firm in Northern California.

We selected SAP Business One as a full-featured accounting package that allowed for integration with off-the-shelf payroll and other packages to give a complete solution.

We maaged the project from start to complete execution of fiscal years and reporting.

The Process

Working with the CPA and accounting team, the chart of accounts is defined. If an chart is already in existence, this will be used to create the SAP chart of accounts.

It's important at this point to work closely to assure that the chart will be compatible with the accounting reports defined by the accounting team.

Key processes and team members are identified, along with areas of data responsibilities. New procedures are defined and documented, as well as user training.

Any existing data is imported into the new SAP database, and at each step, the data is validated for completeness and accuracy.

Get the Results You Need

After supporting a full implementation of SAP Business One for more than two years, we bring a strong foundation of knowledge regarding the capabilities of SAP. We find solutions to suit the individual business needs, whenter it is from a third party certified add-on or custom report. Crystal reports is one of the tools we are expert in using to develop customized solutions.

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